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Economist article on new low-end warfare models

This article in the Economist discusses 6 models. I cut and paste from the article the following summaries: SCARE, the Spatio-Cultural Abductive Reasoning Engine, developed at the United States Military Academy at West Point by a team led by Major … Continue reading

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Ben Kohlmann on Wargaming

Many of you may have seen Lt Ben Kohlmann’s post on Small Wars Journal, and the wide variety of discussions it sparked. Ben’s Blog: Disruptive Thinkers has some excellent posts, most recently some thoughts on wargaming. The following I found … Continue reading

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War gaming numbered plans

There is a proposal on the table to include Wargaming numbered plans as a topic at this year’s Connections conference. Given that the numbered plans are (highly) classified, how might one usefully discuss war gaming numbered plans at the unclassified … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event on Nuclear Wargaming and Dr. Philip Sabin at the Center for Applied Strategic Learning

CASL is pleased to announce two upcoming events that we believe will be of interest to many of you. On May 2nd, from 1600-1800 we will be holdinng a special session of our Roundtable on Innovation in Strategic Gaming Series … Continue reading

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Point I missed from Aldrich roundtable

One of the important discussion we had that I remembered last night dealt with the “limits of gamification”. In the discussion of gaming in context of “leveling up”, “+1’s”, trophys, etc. there was a discussion about how long you can … Continue reading

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NWC round table with Clark Aldrich

A very interesting hour and half with the author of The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games and more recently Unschooling Rules This was the first in what is hoped to be a series of wargaming related speakers. Mr. … Continue reading

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Using the Engel matrix game construct in a seminar game

The week of April 2nd, I was part of a team that conducted a seminar game using a derivative of the Engel matrix game construct. The game the ‘customer’ (NUWC’s analysis department) wanted had a bit of a twist: if … Continue reading

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