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Game design process – time element

I received an email from a collegue asking about how long it should take to do a game design. An analysis he was involved in made a remark that a given project had take only 2 months when the “normal … Continue reading

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Connections Conference “game design event”

The idea was floated to have “game design event” of some kind at this year’s Connections conference (23-26 July at NDU link here). The idea is to take a topic of timely interest and do either a “design-off” between two … Continue reading

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More from playing Euro-games

The NUWC Strategy and Innovation Gaming Group (SIGG – we had to have a name, an acronym and an internal Sharepoint 🙂 has been through its first “S curve” – we staret with 5 members, ramped up to about 20-odd … Continue reading

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Game vs Simulation

The milgames list had one of those period explosions of activity after Michael Peck asked if professional gaming work affected the ability to enjoy playing them: Do you find that your professional work with games has affected your enjoyment of … Continue reading

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Concept Development as Game Design

One of the things our NUWC game group is hoped to grow into is a different kind of concept generation, development and experimentation group. Wargames are often important venues in the CGD&E process, but we have a void right now … Continue reading

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