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Israel vs Iran wargame compendium

Given Paul’s last post on Persian Incursion, I thought it might be useful to pull together a summary of recent serious wargames regarding a potential Israeli (or US) strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. For obvious reasons, this list only includes … Continue reading

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In case you missed it…more from Michael Peck

This time in Foreign Policy The Persian Incursion The result is a recurring gig for Michael to post about gaming at Foreign Policy mag. Congrats to Micheal and to FP mag for giving serious gaming some love… The article talks … Continue reading

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Michael Peck’s article on COIN Gaming

Firmer Ground Suggests that the U.S. Army is getting better at simulating COIN in its efforts to train soldiers for COIN. Its a good article, but one which when one looks critically at what the Army is doing has a … Continue reading

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