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Adjudication and Game Development

I’m curious what folks might list as some of the key skills / knowledge you would expect someone to have for developing and running an applied strategy/war game. Obviously you’re going to need some knowledge of adjudication to provide meaningful … Continue reading

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New “Sources and Methods” page added

A new page dedicated to links to wargaming related items of interest. One of the things there is a section on professional journals that already exist that may consider wargaming related papers. If you become aware of items that should be included on … Continue reading

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Previous Connections Briefings

I have uploaded the collection of previous Connections conference briefs that I had handy (2004, 2005 and 2007; I had 2006 but they turned out not to be in the folder labeld such). I have uploaded them to a Microsoft Skydrive … Continue reading

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When did wargaming become “professional”?

I am both flattered and puzzled by talk of a professional wargame journal. Flattered, because as a wargamer since age 12, my hobby has been deemed worthy of a professional journal. But I’m also puzzled. A professional journal must necessarily … Continue reading

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Connections 11 AARs

The following are links to the AARs from Connections 11:  Rex Brynen: Matthew Kirschenbaum: Brian Train: (hat tip to Skip Cole) (adding the link from Skip’s coment to the main article…and modified per the comment by Brant) … Continue reading

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The Case for Print

The discussion regarding a professional journal for wargaming is an interesting one. Rex Brynen makes cogent points about the logistics of having a refereed journal dedicated to the practice of wargaming. Having been assistant editor of such a journal in … Continue reading

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Another online community to look to- Anthropology

A number of anthropology blogs get together to discuss particular questions, forming an alternative model to the centralized SWJ approach Rex warns us away from.  In one of these series, the group discusses peer review and archiving in ways that I think highlight useful … Continue reading

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Does the field need a professional wargaming journal?

In a blog post over at Play the Past, Matt Kirschenbaum asks the question what can be learned from wargaming? It is an excellent discussion, and I would urge everyone to go over there and read the whole thing. For … Continue reading

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Terminology – building a common lexicon

One of the issues that came out of Connections, was the considerable divergence in use of terms. Discussions where hampered by inconsistent meanings of terms like “design”, “complexitity”, “adjudication”, “model” etc.  Definitions of “adjudication” for example ranged from “rolling the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Wargaming Connection Blog

This blog emerged from the Connections 11 Conference as a “sooner rather than later” forum to get information out to interested members of the the wargaming related disciplines and to provide a venue for discussion.

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