Wargaming Podcasts (redux)

So the last post on here was 2-1/2 years ago, and plenty has happened since then, including the shuttering of The GrogCast.  When I left GrogHeads, there was no one there to keep it going, so even the feed is now dead.

However, we’ve launched a new podcast over at http://www.armchairdragoons.com and include a variety of professionally-relevant topics in our discussions of wargaming.  This week, we’ve got one of the CGSC students talking about his program and his wargame design project.


In response to a request, here are a few other episodes of professionally-relevant content

About Brant

Brant is a game designer, writer, and contractor with Harnessed Electrons with over a decade of uniform time, and over 20 years of game design experience in RPGs, tabletop wargames, and professional training sims. He's part of the brain trust behind ArmchairDragoons.com
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