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How do you figure out what you’ve learned after you’re done.

A Wargamer, an Analyst and a Warfighter walk into a bar.

The MORS Special Meeting on Professional Gaming last week was quite interesting. Rex Brynan posted some great reporting at PAXSims. One of the undercurrents that flowed through the event was what some would call a misunderstanding, others something ranging from ignorance … Continue reading

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Looking for Research Papers

If you’ve got folks (or have your own) research papers that examine gamers, gaming, etc from any sort of social science, ethnographic, or sociological perspective, we’d love to see them.  There are all sorts of them out there where students … Continue reading

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Economist article on new low-end warfare models

This article in the Economist discusses 6 models. I cut and paste from the article the following summaries: SCARE, the Spatio-Cultural Abductive Reasoning Engine, developed at the United States Military Academy at West Point by a team led by Major … Continue reading

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Ben Kohlmann on Wargaming

Many of you may have seen Lt Ben Kohlmann’s post on Small Wars Journal, and the wide variety of discussions it sparked. Ben’s Blog: Disruptive Thinkers has some excellent posts, most recently some thoughts on wargaming. The following I found … Continue reading

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Great review of Sabin’s latest book

PAXsims has a nice review of Phillip Sabins “Simulating War”. I have it on order.

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In case you missed it…more from Michael Peck

This time in Foreign Policy The Persian Incursion The result is a recurring gig for Michael to post about gaming at Foreign Policy mag. Congrats to Micheal and to FP mag for giving serious gaming some love… The article talks … Continue reading

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“Goodbye OODA Loop…” how about “Hello Wargame”

The new Armed Forces Journal has this article which proposes to fix some of the problems with planning operations involving complex interactions using a more culturally astute Red Teaming process. COLs Benson and Rotkoff lay blame for the problem on … Continue reading

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Rand Analyses of Air Force Security Cooperation efforts

The first paper is: (hat-tips to Mike Markowitz and Chris Weuve) Summary This study looks at two Unified Endeavor Building partnerships (UEBP) seminars held in Sweden and Estonia (2009 and 2010 respectively). The UEBP series looks to get contributions from … Continue reading

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