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Tabletop Analog Game Design

This is the title of a book of game related essays by Greg Costikyan and others. (There is lots of white space in the front of the pdf…). Reading the story about the newb that stuck his dagger through a … Continue reading

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‘Right information, to the right Person, at right Time’ – How hard is it?

This has been one of those catch phrases one sees a lot, particularly in the objectives of certain types of wargames. If you have not checked out the Alidade, Inc. email list, it has spurts of fascinating discussion. sign up … Continue reading

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Hindsight is always 20/20…

Article about new Pearl harbor book coming out just in time for the 70th anniversary this Wednesday compares Roosevelt’s lack of adequate preparations for the raid with Clinton and Bush both missing “clear signals” of the Sept 11 attack. Three … Continue reading

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Wargaming Connection search terms

Most of the internet search terms that bring visitors to Wargaming Connection are the sorts of items that you would expect: things like “do serious games work,” “history of wargames,” “modeling and simulation for COIN,” and “the benefits and limits … Continue reading

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