Sources and Methods

Sources of information, techniques, best practices and successful applications of wargaming related disciplines can be hard to come by. This page attempts to collect links to them in a single place.

Air University Links to Wargames, Simulations and Exercises

The Air university has one of the largest link libraries related to wargaming, simulations and exercices at Air University Internet Gateway Page

Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Wargaming Resources

MORS has a Wiki with several items tagged GameWiki and others tagged Wargaming

After the success of the Wargaming COP program at the 79th MORS in 2011 there are hopes for this wiki resource to take off. It is a shame that many feel that classification issues prevent them from posting as it is only the inputs to some wargames and some of the products that are classified. There is generaly nothing classified about the process of planning and executing the game.

Red Teaming

The Red Team Journal site has a great collection of resources regarding red teaming and “alternative analysis” at Red Teaming Journal Resources Page

Professional Journals

There are a number of professional journals that are of interest to the wargaming community:

Simulation and gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journel of theory, Practice and Research is the world’s foremost scientific review devoted to academic and applied issues in the increasingly popular methodology of simulation/gaming as used in education, training, consultation and research round the world. Simulation/gaming is to be taken in its broadest meaning, to encompass such areas as simulation, computerized simulation, internet simulation, gaming, simulation/gaming, serious games, educational games, training games, e-games, internet games, video games, policy exercises, day-in-the-life simulations, planning exercises, debriefing, analytic discussion, post-experience analysis, modeling, virtual reality, game theory, role-play, role-playing, play, active learning, experiential learning, learning from experience, toys, augmented reality, playthings, structured exercises, education games, alternative purpose games, edutainment, digital game-based learning, immersive learning, brain games, social impact games, games for change, games for good, synthetic learning environments, synthetic task environments. This bi-monthly journal examines the methodologies and explores their application to real-world problems and situations.

M&S Journal The M&S Journal is a quarterly published electronic document of technical papers written by experts within the DoD communities and services enabled by M&S who wish to publish in order to generate interest, exchange information, and increase collaboration on concepts vital to M&S tools and capabilities.

JDMS: The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation JDMS is a quarterly refereed archival journal devoted to advancing the practice, science, and art of modeling and simulation as it relates to the military and defense. The primary focus of the journal is to document, in a rigorous manner, technical lessons derived from practical experience. The journal will also publish work related to the advancement of defense systems modeling and simulation technology, methodology, and theory. The journal will cover all areas of the military / defense mission, maintaining a focus on the practical side of systems simulation vice pure theoretical applications.

Military Operations Research This is a peer-reviewed journal of high academic quality. We are interested in publishing articles that describe operations research (OR) methodologies and theories used in key military applications. We specifically invite papers that are significant military OR applications. Of particular interest are papers that present case studies showing innovative OR applications, apply OR to major policy issues, introduce interesting new problem areas, highlight educational issues, and document the history of military OR.

SIMAGES The publcation of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association, a network of professionals dedicated to the design, implementation, and evaluation of games and simulations to improve learning results.

Cognitive Science: A Multidisciplinary Journal The Cognitive Science Society is a non-profit professional organization, and its main activities are sponsoring an annual conference, publishing the journal Cognitive Science, and promoting research interactions across traditional disciplinary boundaries

Game Studies The International journal of computer game research Our Mission – To explore the rich cultural genre of games; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for their ideas and theories; to provide an academic channel for the ongoing discussions on games and gaming.

Game Studies is a non-profit, open-access, crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to games research, web-published several times a year at

Our primary focus is aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games, but any previously unpublished article focused on games and gaming is welcome. Proposed articles should be jargon-free, and should attempt to shed new light on games, rather than simply use games as metaphor or illustration of some other theory or phenomenon. Game Studies is published with the support of:

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
The Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences
IT University of Copenhagen
Lund University

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