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Discussions realted to defining wargaming terms (this will eventually get transfered to a wiki). For now use this category to proopse and discuss definitions for the terminology page.

That old can of worms – what is a wargame?

My travel schedule has played havoc with getting a new post up…so in the interim, I offer something brought up from the ‘basement’ that deserves to be revisited … Graham-Longley Brown wrote a post on “what is a wargame” that is … Continue reading

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In the meantime…

While I sporadically work on my post about the “Air domain” in Fleet Power, I offer this explanation of crossdomain operations (riff on an original by Pete Pelligrino…) Note:click on an image to make it bigger…    

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RFI – Joint Operational Access Concept SME?

I’m working on putting together a forum on the undersea domain in warfare (ya, I know its not an official “domain” – but the JCAs do treat it like one 😉 ) to be held in June-ish in D.C. Area. … Continue reading

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Terminology – building a common lexicon

One of the issues that came out of Connections, was the considerable divergence in use of terms. Discussions where hampered by inconsistent meanings of terms like “design”, “complexitity”, “adjudication”, “model” etc.  Definitions of “adjudication” for example ranged from “rolling the … Continue reading

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