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Issues related to games whose purpose is to educate the players.

Battle of Jutland Centennial #2

The Naval War College put on the truly historical Jutland game – using a version of the actual 1916 war College rules. Over at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, as the kickoff game in our Historic Naval Battles series, we … Continue reading

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CIMSEC Wargaming Week

This week has seen some interesting articles and discussion over at the CIMSEC blog The highlight of the opening post was the response by Dean Barney Ruble of NWC’s Center for Naval Warfare Studies:  The next post in … Continue reading

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Point I missed from Aldrich roundtable

One of the important discussion we had that I remembered last night dealt with the “limits of gamification”. In the discussion of gaming in context of “leveling up”, “+1’s”, trophys, etc. there was a discussion about how long you can … Continue reading

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NWC round table with Clark Aldrich

A very interesting hour and half with the author of The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games and more recently Unschooling Rules This was the first in what is hoped to be a series of wargaming related speakers. Mr. … Continue reading

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CASL Lectures on Strategic Gaming

We hope you enjoyour first lecture, Peter Perla’s “Way of the Wargaming”.  Information about the series is also availible on the website.

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More from playing Euro-games

The NUWC Strategy and Innovation Gaming Group (SIGG – we had to have a name, an acronym and an internal Sharepoint 🙂 has been through its first “S curve” – we staret with 5 members, ramped up to about 20-odd … Continue reading

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First lesson from NUWC’s gaming group

Our strategy and innovation gameing group has met a dozen or so times and played 4 different game to this point. What have we gotten out of this expenditure of about 40 hours each? One of the most important is … Continue reading

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Michael Peck’s article on COIN Gaming

Firmer Ground Suggests that the U.S. Army is getting better at simulating COIN in its efforts to train soldiers for COIN. Its a good article, but one which when one looks critically at what the Army is doing has a … Continue reading

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