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Strategic Gaming and Middle East wonk... All writings here reflect my own opinions, and do not represent the views of the National Defense University, Department of Defense, or U.S. Government.

Post MORSS conversations on Publication: Where

As a first cross MORS-Connections Community conversation I wanted to expand on an issue that came up in the MORSS wargaming community of practice meeting from this past week.  The issue of publication, or more specifically, the lack there of … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event on Nuclear Wargaming and Dr. Philip Sabin at the Center for Applied Strategic Learning

CASL is pleased to announce two upcoming events that we believe will be of interest to many of you. On May 2nd, from 1600-1800 we will be holdinng a special session of our Roundtable on Innovation in Strategic Gaming Series … Continue reading

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What do gamers need?

I want to pull out an insightful comment that was made on my previous post, because it touch on a lot of the issues that both started this blog, and the speaker series that Dr. Perla’s remarks were part of.  In … Continue reading

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CASL Lectures on Strategic Gaming – Way of the Wargamer

CASL Lectures on Strategic Gaming

We hope you enjoyour first lecture, Peter Perla’s “Way of the Wargaming”.  Information about the series is also availible on the website.

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More on CASL’s New Lectures on Strategic Gaming Series

As Rex noted below, CASL is launching a new distributed series of Lectures on Strategic Gaming.  This initiative grew out of discussions at last year’s Connections Conference where the Working Group on Professional Development identified a need for more educational programs for … Continue reading

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Another online community to look to- Anthropology

A number of anthropology blogs get together to discuss particular questions, forming an alternative model to the centralized SWJ approach Rex warns us away from.  In one of these series, the group discusses peer review and archiving in ways that I think highlight useful … Continue reading

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