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More on CASL’s New Lectures on Strategic Gaming Series

As Rex noted below, CASL is launching a new distributed series of Lectures on Strategic Gaming.  This initiative grew out of discussions at last year’s Connections Conference where the Working Group on Professional Development identified a need for more educational programs for … Continue reading

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Peter Perla on “The Way of the Wargamer” at NDU (April 4)

The Center for Applied Strategic Learning at National Defense University is launching their new (virtual) lecture series on strategic gaming on April 4 in the best possible way, with a lecture by Peter Perla on “The Way of the Wargamer.” … Continue reading

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Great review of Sabin’s latest book

PAXsims has a nice review of Phillip Sabins “Simulating War”. I have it on order.

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RFI – Joint Operational Access Concept SME?

I’m working on putting together a forum on the undersea domain in warfare (ya, I know its not an official “domain” – but the JCAs do treat it like one 😉 ) to be held in June-ish in D.C. Area. … Continue reading

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The Power of Gaming

Hat tip to Jim Lewis 😉 International Security and Relations Network has a weeklong series on “The Power of Gaming” this week. I am a bit pressed for time this week, so I will post the links now and will … Continue reading

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Soft Power through Gaming

No, not understanding soft power by gaming – but using gaming techniques to exert soft power… Science Daily reports on some interesting research that has researchers using gaming techniques to “nudge” people to behave in ways the researchers desire. Is … Continue reading

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New Games in the NUWC Game Library

As the NUWC game library expands, we are hoping to reach out to the nearby Naval War College to add new blood as we seem to have leveled off at 27 members, of which 7 or 8 are regularly active. … Continue reading

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Quote of the week:

I will simply say that this quote resonated with me this week 😉 “I have often seen how pathetic those general staff officers are who draw their advice from their own observed data, how indecisive and timid they are to … Continue reading

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Toddler smarter than smartest AI

This article at io9 discusses research at UC Berkeley that is looking at how toddlers learn for ideas to improve computer AI. In a wide range of experiments involving lollipops, flashing and spinning toys, and music makers, among other props, … Continue reading

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WSJ: When gaming is good for you

This article in the Wall Street Journal discusses the growing evidence that gaming improves creativity, decision-making and perception. The article is more focused on video-games, but there are many parallels to other forms of gaming. The gaming seemed to be … Continue reading

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