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Connections Australia 2014

Australia is to get its own Connections interdisciplinary wargaming conference, to be held to be held at the University of Melbourne on 8-9 December 2014. You’ll find the preliminary details here.

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MORS 82 at PAXsims

A summary of some of the wargaming panels and presentations from the 82nd annual Military Operations Research Society  symposium (16-19 June 2014) can be found at the PAXsims blog: Not-quite-live from MORS 82 MORS 82 summary – Day 1 MORS 82 Summary … Continue reading

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Fleet Battle School

The CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell (CRIC) was interested in creating a wargame which would be accessible to a wide audience and allow for experimentation with new approaches and technologies (and how those affected decisions in the operational naval war).  The … Continue reading

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Welcome Aboard!

I’d like to issue a hearty Welcome Aboard our motley crew of misfits to Chris Kona who has been a collaborator on the Fleet Battle School game for the CNO Rapid Innovation Cell.   Being, myself,  the single point of failure … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Planet of the … Gamers?? Chimps proved to be better than humans in a game about the ability to detect patterns in the opponent’s moves. After 200 games, the chimps averaged close to optimal play. I, for one, will welcome our future simian overlords 😉   … Continue reading

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A Death in the Family

Words can’t convey the sadness with which I report the death of Gary “Mo” Morgan. Veteran wargamer for the Air Command and Staff College. Instrumental champion for board wargaming’s use in the Air Force – designing many himself. Later bringing that … Continue reading

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Pro gamers recognized as pro athletes The US has officially recognized pro-gamers as ‘professional athletes eligible for a P-1A visa’. Well, I don’t think anyone taking advantage of that will be coming to Historicon any time soon…but among the Massive Online Gaming Community, those with … Continue reading

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