Post MORSS conversations on Publication: Where

As a first cross MORS-Connections Community conversation I wanted to expand on an issue that came up in the MORSS wargaming community of practice meeting from this past week.  The issue of publication, or more specifically, the lack there of raised its ugly head.  The conversation was cut short by the need to move on to other elements of the agenda, but after a recitation of how helpful it would be if we all published more, and all the reasons we dont get around to it, there was a brief conversation about what professional groups like MORS and Connections can do to change that pattern of behavior.    

I have some initial thoughts, but I’d love to start a conversation here that sets us up to take action at the Connections Conference in July.   To that end I ‘ll be posting a series of pieces over the next few weeks to try to firm up thinking heading into the conference.

First up: where to publish?  One issue that was raised at the MORS Wargaming COP meeting is that articles on gaming and gaming methodologies often are not a comfortable fit with traditional OR journals.  While in the long run a dedicated journal may be the way to go, we seem to be a few years away from that.  Rather than reopening that conversation, I’d like to continue a thought expressed at the COP meeting and look at what locations are currently open to the types of articles we want to publish or need to publish as a field.  As a grad student, one of the things I was given was a sense of what journals were open to what type of pieces.  I’d like to see a similar resource available for gamers.

During the session, Paul pointed to this list as a place to start.  To my mind, I’d like to see more information for each source about what types of articles they publish (topics, style, length). It would also be helpful to have notes from folks who have published before about their experience- Has the piece been cited by others? how long was the process?  I’d also like to see listed publications that folks have had luck getting pieces accepted to that don’t focus on gaming, (Parameters comes to mind as an example) with the same type of information.

So what’s missing from the list?  What insights about particular publications can you add?  Post in the comments, or feel free to email contributions and I’ll compile the information on the Sources and Methods page.

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Strategic Gaming and Middle East wonk... All writings here reflect my own opinions, and do not represent the views of the National Defense University, Department of Defense, or U.S. Government.
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