Connections 2016 Registration Open

This blog had its origins in the Connections Interdisciplinary Wargaming Conference, an annual event which is held each summer to bring together practitioners from every segment of the wargaming community to share with and learn from one another.  To read some earlier posts about previous Connections conferences and related activities, hit the “Connections conference” tag below.

Registration for Connections 2016 is now open!  The conference will be held August 9-12 at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, hosted by the LeMay Center Wargaming Institute.  This year’s theme is: “Advancing Wargaming as a Catalyst for Innovation.”

Keynotes, speaker panels, game demos, working groups, and a workshop component called the Game Lab will provide a wide-ranging experience for Connections attendees.

More information, including the current draft of the agenda, is available at the Connections website.  If you are interested in presenting at Connections, or displaying a poster or running a game demonstration, the registration page on the website also has a link to a Call for Papers, Posters, and Demos.

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1 Response to Connections 2016 Registration Open

  1. Hi, Do you know if the slide decks will be made available on the connections conference website ?
    Was there any video recording ( youtube channel ? )


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