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Pro gamers recognized as pro athletes The US has officially recognized pro-gamers as ‘professional athletes eligible for a P-1A visa’. Well, I don’t think anyone taking advantage of that will be coming to Historicon any time soon…but among the Massive Online Gaming Community, those with … Continue reading

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CIMSEC Wargaming Week

This week has seen some interesting articles and discussion over at the CIMSEC blog The highlight of the opening post was the response by Dean Barney Ruble of NWC’s Center for Naval Warfare Studies:  The next post in … Continue reading

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Looking for Research Papers

If you’ve got folks (or have your own) research papers that examine gamers, gaming, etc from any sort of social science, ethnographic, or sociological perspective, we’d love to see them.  There are all sorts of them out there where students … Continue reading

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Presentations on wargaming from Virtual MORS 81.1

This year MORS has offered a “virtual” symposium, part of which is unclassified and includes (*gasp*) foreigners. Two of those presentations directly addressed professional wargaming, and have been summarized at PAXsims: Ellie Bartels (and Deirdre Hollingshed) on “Can your game multi-task?” Brian Train on … Continue reading

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North Korea wargame compendium

Given the success of the previous (and ongoing) Israel vs Iran wargame compendium, I thought it might be a good time to start a similar listing of wargames dealing with a potential future conflict in the Korean peninsula. The listing includes commercial/hobby … Continue reading

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Wargaming for Science and Technology investment insight

I’ve had some interesting discussions with Matt Caffrey at AFRL about the roles and uses of wargaming for S&T investment purposes. This has a lot of potential to be informed by business wargaming, but suffers from the typical desire for … Continue reading

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Connections Game Lab: The Real-Life Spin-Off

Several people have asked about possible follow-on activities from the GameLab sessions on HADR operations and Haiti earthquake relief that were featured at the Connections 2012 interdisciplinary wargaming conference. Indeed we do plan to put together a group to refine … Continue reading

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Post MORSS conversations on Publication: Where

As a first cross MORS-Connections Community conversation I wanted to expand on an issue that came up in the MORSS wargaming community of practice meeting from this past week.  The issue of publication, or more specifically, the lack there of … Continue reading

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And they just keep coming….

In recent weeks the continuing policy debate over a possible Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities has become all the more interesting, with the former head of Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service criticizing the Netanyahu government for excessive willingness … Continue reading

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Point I missed from Aldrich roundtable

One of the important discussion we had that I remembered last night dealt with the “limits of gamification”. In the discussion of gaming in context of “leveling up”, “+1’s”, trophys, etc. there was a discussion about how long you can … Continue reading

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