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Brant is a game designer, writer, and contractor with Harnessed Electrons with over a decade of uniform time, and over 20 years of game design experience in RPGs, tabletop wargames, and professional training sims. He's part of the brain trust behind

Wargaming Podcast(s)

I know this was shared a while back, but The GrogCast is up over 60 episodes now, including some appearances by a handful of pros who discuss how commercial wargaming and their day jobs interact. While not all of the … Continue reading

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GrogHeads Reviews Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming

GrogHeads Reviews Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming excerpt “Do you need to buy this book?” is the ultimate question.  Unless you’re a single-track wargamer, who eats, sleeps, breathes, and lives & dies with one type of game – tabletop … Continue reading

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A Wargaming Podcast

GrogHeads has launched a wargaming podcast that covers a variety of tabletop and digital wargames.  In some future episodes, we are planning to tackle some of the professional wargaming topics that would of work-related interest to a lot of this … Continue reading

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Looking for Research Papers

If you’ve got folks (or have your own) research papers that examine gamers, gaming, etc from any sort of social science, ethnographic, or sociological perspective, we’d love to see them.  There are all sorts of them out there where students … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy “Article” on History of Wargaming

It’s amazing how this guy manages to miss so many things that we would’ve considered “major” developments in the history of wargaming… Foreign Policy magazine website So I’m curious… what events would you guys say should’ve been on this list?

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Adjudication and Game Development

I’m curious what folks might list as some of the key skills / knowledge you would expect someone to have for developing and running an applied strategy/war game. Obviously you’re going to need some knowledge of adjudication to provide meaningful … Continue reading

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