Wargaming Podcast(s)

I know this was shared a while back, but The GrogCast is up over 60 episodes now, including some appearances by a handful of pros who discuss how commercial wargaming and their day jobs interact.

While not all of the content is immediately applicable to the professional wargaming realm, there’s certainly ideas and inspiration in there for any number of current topics.

If you’ve got other wargaming podcasts to mention or recommend, share them in the comments.

There’s also a big list of them here on BoardGameGeek, too

About Brant

Brant is a game designer, writer, and contractor with Harnessed Electrons with over a decade of uniform time, and over 20 years of game design experience in RPGs, tabletop wargames, and professional training sims. He's part of the brain trust behind ArmchairDragoons.com
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