A Wargaming Podcast

GrogHeads has launched a wargaming podcast that covers a variety of tabletop and digital wargames.  In some future episodes, we are planning to tackle some of the professional wargaming topics that would of work-related interest to a lot of this audience.  But the hobbyist Grog in you may be interested in what we’re already covering.

The link includes the ability to add to iTunes for those of you that subscribe to podcasts on your iGizmos.  Warning – episode 5 doesn’t cover a ton of games, but talks a lot of music instead.

Podcasting for Grogs


About Brant

Brant is a game designer, writer, and contractor with Harnessed Electrons with over a decade of uniform time, and over 20 years of game design experience in RPGs, tabletop wargames, and professional training sims. He's part of the brain trust behind GrogHeads.com
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