Are we in a “Golden Age of Boardgaming”

An interesting article by an “industry insider” that covers the Chicago Toy and Game Fair – the CES for the Hasbros and Mattels of the world. It has some interesting stats that indeed indicate if we are not in a “Golden Age” we are at least seeing a Renaissance!

An amazing stat was “as of this week Kickstarter will pass $100 million having been cumulatively pledged to board games.”

I’m finding that more “and more people strike up a conversation with me in the elevator as I bring my “Big Bag o’ Games” back to the office the morning after the “Game Nights” we have once a week in the “back room” of a local eatery. Only rarely do I get a a new member of the group, but its heartening the number of people who say “(insert game here) – I’ve heard that is a lot of fun!” Unfortunately usually followed by “I wish I had time to get into that sort of thing”.

But knowing its out there is a great first step!

About Paul Vebber

"If you read about something, you have learned about it. If you can teach something, you have mastered it. Designing a useful game about something however, requires developing a deep understanding of how it relates to other things."
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