Connections 2013

The 2013 session of the Connections Interdisciplinary Wargaming Conference will be held in Dayton, OH, July 22-25.  In keeping with the challenges of operating in an era of limited resources, this year’s theme is “Enhancing Wargaming Support to Budget Decisions.”

As with previous Connections conferences, the first day (Monday, July 22) will be devoted to optional tutorials, starting at noon, followed by an evening ice breaker.  The heart of the conference, with panel discussions, demonstrations, working groups, and more, will be July 23 and 24.  An optional outbrief session will be held the morning of July 25.  The current draft agenda is available here.

The conference venue this year is the Tec^Edge Innovation and Collaboration Center (ICC) facility.  A part of the Wright Brothers Institute, the Tec^Edge ICC is located at 5000 Springfield St. in Dayton, OH.

For more information, see the conference website, here.  The conference continues to take shape, so check back for updates!

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