Connections 11 AARs

The following are links to the AARs from Connections 11:

 Rex Brynen:
Matthew Kirschenbaum:
Brian Train:

(hat tip to Skip Cole)

(adding the link from Skip’s coment to the main article…and modified per the comment by Brant)

Brant Guillory

About Paul Vebber

"If you read about something, you have learned about it. If you can teach something, you have mastered it. Designing a useful game about something however, requires developing a deep understanding of how it relates to other things."
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2 Responses to Connections 11 AARs

  1. Skip Cole says:

    and hat tip from me back to Brant Guillory, who also live blogged the entire event. One can see entries starting at

  2. Brant says:

    The easier way to find my stuff at GrogNews is to use the category tags at the bottom of the page.
    gets you this year’s coverage, and last year’s, which I also did in-stride.

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